this right here is my favorite line in the entire fucking show

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This is adtr. Just sayin

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I love bats so much

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My Best Love Quotes #NewPost [19]


My Best Love Quotes #NewPost [19]


nipple is a bad word. say “sensitive chest raisin” instead

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Awwwwww moment of th share moments

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Heavy hearts It’s with a heavy heart that I say this. It’s with a heavy heart that I come to.terms with this. It’s so hard to see you with him. It’s so bitter. We belong together. I wish it could be just you and me. I don’t care about anything but you. Everything we have is a fairy tale. Is give it all for you.

Who knew love would be so painful. Why should I feel so sorrowful. My heart is only calm around you. There are no words for this All I say is I love you too. You came into my life turned it upside down. I am so thankful for you You make me so content. You are my happy and comfort I can see myself with you I want to show you the world To reflect your beauty You make my heat heavy with love All day youre the only thing on my mind I can’t think about anything else You are perfect All my desires wishes and wants are in your heart You are the girl for me